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Hacking Wi-Fi (part two)

In the previous article, we already talked about method of hacking Wi-Fi networks, through brute force and dictionary. This method, in contrast, is characterized by the fact that the attack is carried out in automatic mode, using the script in Python. This method uses the vulnerability on some router. After of the reading of CVE-2012-4366 where a German security researcher showed like an attacker could sniff beacons finding out MAC address of the router, so we would be able to generate this passphrase through of a static substitution table.On the other way, I have not seen this substitution table anywhere so I decided to attempt with another idea for avoiding brute force and it worked! So I asked for a CVE number and here it is : CVE-2012-6371.

So, let's start. Some steps of this technique are similar to each other. First, what you need to do is to define an interface for our network card. As in the previous case, we run the command iwconfig or ifconfig. Then, put our card into monitor mode using the command airmon-ng start wlan0.
The next step is very important. Unlike the previous method, do not need all the available Wi-Fi network. We need only those who are not disabled WPS. What would find out, enter the following command:
wash-i mon0-C


"NO" in column (WPS Locked means that WPS is not turned off. From this list we will choose the victim. Run the PYTHON script, which is located on the desktop. Then, we will return to the directory of the desktop, because, that's where we is the file to WPSpin.py To do this, issue the following command: python WPSpin.py e0A4f8

The figures in the team, this is the last three pairs of the MAC address of the victim

After you have completed the previous step, run REAVER. To perform the attack, enter the following command:
reaver -i mon0 -b EC:43:F6:09:43:00 -c 11 --pin=06069766 -vv  where, -b it, BSSID, -c, this channel --pin=, this is the code that we were given PYTHON.
After that, just wait


If your attack was successful, you will be able to tell. Hacking time can last from several seconds to several hours. At this all. I hope this material you was useful. Video of this method, you can see on my channel.

Download WPSpin.py here


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