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Waidps:The penetration test and audit wireless networks

Waidps, is a good tool for penetration Testing and "audit" wireless network. Besides the usual functions for audit wireless networks, waidps capable of detecting attacks on wireless Wi Fi network. WAIDPS - is open source software written in Python and working in Linux environment. When you start in Kali Linux, the program creates/copies the necessary database and is immediately ready for operation. I mean, Kali Linux contains all the necessary components of this program. This is a multipurpose tool designed for audit (penetration testing) networks, detect wireless intrusion (attack WEP/WPA/WPS) and also intrusion prevention (stopping station communication with the access point). In addition, the program will collect WiFi information in the County and store it in databases. It will be useful when the time of the audit the network. 

As we have said, one of the main goals of this script is the identification of invasion. When it is detected, the script displays information on the screen, and logs. At the moment, WAIDS is able to detect the following wireless attacks:

  • Association / Authentication flooding
  • The identification of mass deauthenticate, which may indicate a possible WPA attack for handshakes interception
  • Identification of possible WEP attack using the ARP requests a method of playback
  • Identification of possible WEP attack using chopchop method
  • Identification of possible attacks brute force the WPS pin using Reaver, Bully, etc.
  • Detection Of Evil-Twin (Evil-Twin)
  • Detection of rogue AP

Install and run the utility:

  • cd ~/Folder (navigate to the folder into which you'll install the script)
  • git clone https://github.com/SYWorks/waidps.git (download the script)
  • cd waidps (go to the program folder)
  • chmod +x waidps.py (make it executable)
  • python waidps.py (run)

When you first start creates the necessary directories for work, and zakachivaetsja base. The utility itself raises the necessary interfaces and starting to monitor the air. An interesting feature is that the tool can be used not only to detect attacks but it can help to audit for AP us. The same utility identifies the manufacturer by mac address.

That would go in the control menu, we just press the “Enter”. This tool can be configured, where we can choose the region to set the update time of the display, to turn on the volume when detecting an attack, mount a dictionary bruteforce of handshake. Another useful option is to configure the filters for analysis and display on the screen. We may cut the output we are interested in a particular channel or AP.

Right from this tool we can analyze the packets or to audit for AP us. A huge plus utility is its simplicity in control and very rich potential. In our opinion this utility is useful for auditing and for analysing attacks on Wi-Fi. I hope it will add to your Arsenal of tools for auditing.


*AP - Access Point base station is designed to provide access to a computer network.


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