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Testing for penetration in wireless networks requires knowledge, special software and specialized devices. One such device is the Wi-Fi adapter.

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Ricochet is an experiment with an alternative instant messaging method that does not trust anyone - it does not reveal your identity, contact list or communication. Ricochet is an experiment originally developed by John Brooksom and later adopted as the official instant messaging client project of the Invisible.im group. The purpose of the Invisible.im group is to help people maintain privacy by developing a client with "free metadata" for instant messaging.

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Today we will again touch upon the topic of privacy and anonymity. It is known that VPN is the most reliable in providing privacy, but regardless of how reliable your service provider is, whether it writes logs or not, the VPN provides only privacy, but not complete anonymity. If you need anonymity, then you need to use more complex options, such as for example TOP. But the TOP is no longer absolutely reliable for today, therefore, we will consider a combination of the use of Tor and VPN. We will again touch upon the theme of installation, preparation, and tuning of Tor Privoxy, which you could already see in our video "How to pass all traffic through TOR", but with slight differences from

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MINMf - This framework for Man-In-The-Middle attacks. In this article, we'll look at how to install MITMf on Kali Linux, and give some examples of its use.

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In this review we will look at how using Yandex.Metro you can spy on people, determining their location.

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Aireplay-ng is a tool that is used to generate packages. Aireplay-ng - puts the packets in the wireless network to generate traffic. If your wireless access point no one is connected, hence no traffic for capture and subsequent analysis.


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